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Five Ways the Girl Scout Cookie Program Changes Girls’ Lives

Girl Scouts selling cookies

If you have even the slightest sweet-tooth, you’ve probably tasted and perhaps eaten a whole box (or multiple boxes—we aren’t judging) of yummy Girl Scout cookies. Many people buy the cookies either to satisfy cravings or because they can’t say no to an adorable and persistent Girl Scout asking if they’d like some Thin Mints or Tagalongs.

Did you know, however, that when you buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies, you’re not only getting a tasty treat, you’re helping a young businesswoman gain important skills that will help her continue to exceed long after you’ve finished the last of your cookie box!

Here are five ways the Girl Scout Cookie Program changes girls for a lifetime.

1. Goal Setting: Each year, before the cookie program begins, girls choose goals they want to reach during the season. Are they trying to reach a new milestone and want to sell 200 boxes of cookies? How many people would they need to approach or how many days would they need to have a cookie booth? These goals help them learn to stick with a task and lead into the next way the cookie program helps girls.

2. Decision Making: When they set a goal, they also have to decide what they want to do with the money they earn. Do they want to attend camp? Take a trip to a local museum or theme park with their troop? Or plan a service project and effect change in their community? There are so many decisions to make and each one they decide on and accomplish helps them when faced with future crossroads.

3. Money Management: When girls participate in the cookie program, they almost immediately start working with money. Handling costumer money at booths, practicing returning exact change, and learning how to budget the money that they and their troop get to keep are all important life skill that takes many people years or decades to learn.

4. People Skills: Girls learn how to talk to, interact with, and work with lots of different personalities, from the girls in their troop to the people they meet at booths or going door-to-door. She’ll learn effective verbal and non-verbal communication, how to listen to and persuade others, plus how to handle rejection gracefully. It’s never too early to learn good people skills!

5. Business Ethics: Through the process of participating in the cookie program, Girl Scouts learn the importance of being honest and taking responsibility, skills that will serve them throughout her entire life, no matter where she finds herself.

So next time you break open a box of Girl Scout Cookies, remember you’re not only getting a sweet treat, but that your purchase has helped a girl learn the skills needed to change the world! In a way, that means you’re changing the world, too! Now that’s sweet!